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Backing themselves up on acoustic guitars Kelly Knapp and Simon Ritt share The Darlings spotlight with their spot-on vocals, harmony and charm. Billy Loosigian provides the twang with his over the top electric guitar playing. A local legend under his own power, Billy has played blistering guitar with some of New England's best known bands including such great's as The Nervous Eaters and Willie Alexander & The Boom-Boom band. Drummer Norman Hartley first teamed up with Loosigian when they where both in The Souls. Easily one of the finest drummer's around and when not playing with The Darlings Norm can be found pounding the ol' country-rock skins for Paved Country. Bassist Ed Riemer is also the third harmony on many of the songs found on 'New Depression'. Ed has played in some of Boston's hottest outfits including Band 19 and The Wheelers & Dealers. In his off Darlings time Ed, like Norm, can be heard playing with Paved Country. This gourmet cook is also an avid surfer and in the 1960's his grandfather provided limousine service to The Beatles!