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Joe Ely, the big man from Texas, giving Kelly a squeeze. Photo - Jan Collins
Two Kellys for the price of one...K.K. with the fantastic Kelly Willis. Photo - Jan Collins
Simon & Kelly live. Photo - Tina N. Tietz
got dope? Simon & the fabulous Walter Lure. Photo - Jan Collins
Kelly Knapp & Simon Ritt. Photo - Bob Perachio


It can now be revealed that 'the secret guest band' was THE TITANICS.
Billy Loosigian's mom & dad In their courting days.
On the bill with two great acts.
Vintage W.W.II era B-17 photographed by Jan Collins.
Lock & load...Chris Toppin's back In town!
"We got cigarettes y'all."
Word to the wise.....never, ever allude to Monoman's birthday.
Artwork by Sarah L. Smith (& The Doors).
CHANDLER TRAVIS Is the everyman's Father Christmas. Sorry about the typo Liv!
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